I saw Silverio play at Pasagüero, a club owned by my friend Ricardo in the Centro neighborhood of Mexico City. Silverio is the alter ego of Julian Lede, a music producer member of the electronic band Titan

I would categorize Silverio as being somewhere between abrasive electro punk performance art. As the show progresses (or digresses) he slowly undresses until he is in nothing but his signature red underwear and black leather boots. 

He dances around the stage, runs in place, freezes, makes deranged faces and taunts the audience. Ricardo told me that this night the audience seemed a bit mellow compared to some of his other shows. At points he seemed tired, perhaps not receiving the energy from the audience he needs to fuel his high energy performance. 

I wondered if this had to do with the increasing tendency for people to want to share their experience of art with a greater audience. By trying to engage a larger audience than the one present in the room the spectator becomes less engaged themselves. Of course we see this happen just about everywhere in daily life. Whether it’s experiencing a meal, witnessing a fight, going to a concert, seeing art, cuddling with your dog, looking in the mirror, etc… 

Because Silverio’s performance is so dependent on what the audience gives him this kind of disengagement is made painfully clear. Silverio needs the audience to be there with him, to fight with him, to dance with him in order for him to give his all. At one point Silverio took a phone from a member of the audience and rubbed it all over his sweaty, beer soaked groin and rubbed it between his ass cheeks. 

I felt vulnerable, like I could be the next victim, my precious line to the outside world, my personal PR station at risk by this madman on stage. And of course I was guilty myself, feeling compelled to document it all on my iphone to write this blog, to share it to my IG story.  

Check out Silverio's videos on YouTube